Sunday, July 8, 2012

Palmer Grasp Cylinder Block

The Palmer Grasp Cylinder is designed for use by the infant who is sitting and using two hands together. The cylinder is grasped with the whole hand (think of how you would grasp something when wearing a mitten and this is the shape of your baby's hand when grasping in this way). 

The block is the first introduction to the series of cylinder blocks which grow in complexity right up to the full-size 10 cylinder blocks found in the 3-6 classroom - the Children's House. 

The young baby will love to move the cylinder in and out of the block over and over again.

Made from a variety of Native Australian Timbers, the block and cylinder come in a raw, unsealed state. The natural wood grain can be enhanced by oiling the wood with olive oil or polishing with beeswax. 


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